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You can create a beautiful, functional web site and not know anything about writing code. I am proof of that! My secret? I build my site using Divi theme by Elegant Themes. I find it to be extremely user friendly.
So let’s talk about hiding pinnable images in your blog posts. First, why would you do you need to do this? Pinterest is the biggest driver of traffic to blogs. Period. If you are a blogger and not utilizing Pinterest, you are doing yourself a huge disservice! If you are unsure how to use Pinterest for your blog or business, please contact me.

Second, creating multiple pinnable images for the same post allows to pin multiple times, as well as see what kind of images are working to attract people to your site. But you don’t want to crowd your site with a bunch of descriptive pin images, so you hide the image within your post.

1. Create your pins using Canva.

Choose the template for a Pinterest graphic. You can create the pins by customizing a premade layout, or create your own from scratch. Make sure that your pin reflects your brand.

2. Open up your blog post in Divi using the Visual Builder.

3. Add the images you want to hide to your blog post.

I usually add the extra images at the bottom of the post, but you can place them wherever works for you. Make sure to edit your images in the media library to optimize SEO with your title, caption, alt text, and descriptions.

4. Use the image settings to “hide” images.

Open the settings for the image. Click on “Advanced” tab, then click on “Visibility”. Simply check all boxes. Then click the “check” icon on the settings box, and save your changes. Done!

How easy was that?! No code to input. So simple, right? However, if you still need help with creating pins, hiding images, or optimizing Pinterest for your blog, let’s chat! I can totally help you with that. Contact me through form at the bottom of the page or simply shoot me an email sharlabella@sharlabella.com.