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I guess it would have been foolish to think that God would speak to me during these 21 days but not ask anything of me. It would be foolish to think that He would request my undivided attention to then not demand my undivided attention.  It would be foolish to think that my calling wouldn’t require sacrifice.

Today, I quit (or I should say began to let go of…it’s a process) my plans, my dreams, my business. For real this time.  My heart hurts because my dreams were within my grasp. I was set up for success.

But I know that what God has for me is far better, and my sphere of influence will be far greater than I can even imagine right in this moment. I’m trusting Him to bring it to pass. I’m trusting that though my heart is heavy now, I will look back one day be thankful that I was obedient.

What area of obedience and trust are you holding back from God? Lay it down. Trust Him.

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