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I love interior decorating! I always have. Even as a child, I would find new ways to decorate my room, moreso as a teenager. I would find things at yard sales and spruce them up and use them. By the time I had my own place, interior decorating shows were starting to become a thing. Remember Trading Spaces?

Now, we have just moved into our new home, and I am like a kid in a candy store!! Yesterday, I had a rare kid-free day, so naturally, I headed to HomeSense, because not only do I love decor, I also like to save money. Now I wasn’t intending to buy anything. I just wanted to get my fix by looking at all the pretty things and imagining that I was Joanna Gaines getting ready to stage a newly renovated space.

All was well and good until I made my way to the children’s section. I have an absolute weakness for children’s decor. I spied this super cute unicorn comforter set that would go perfect with the theme in my 5 year-old’s room. The combination of this great find, that it was the only one left, and the fact that you never know if there will be any more…ever, well,  I had no choice! The comforter was mine.

As I began to walk around the corner, the comforter set under one arm, I saw it. The unicorn canvas, and it perfectly matched the comforter set. Resistance was futile. I had to get out of there! So I came home and quickly added these perfect find to her room before she came home from school. Here are the results:



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