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I’m thinking back on the story in Luke 9 of Jesus feeding the large crowd of people. All of the gospels tell this story, but I love the little detail found in John 6:8: “There is a boy here who has five barley loaves and two fish…”  There is a crowd of tired, hungry people far from town to hear Jesus, who couldn’t enter the town because word had spread of the miracles he had done. Here is this boy with his lunch, who probably overheard the conversation between Jesus and the disciples about this large crowd needing to eat. I imagine that the boy wanting to help, offered what he had. From that small offering, Jesus fed about 5000 people.

In yesterday’s post , I mentioned that I felt that what I had to give wasn’t enough. But the truth is God can take what I have and multiply it over and over. It’s not about what I have, it’s about what God can do with what I give him (rather, give back to him). As I start this new phase of my journey of walking in step with him, I will need to daily yield my talent, time, and resources to be used for His purposes, not my own. He will do the multiplying.


I changed the name of my blog to “By Purposeful Redesign”, which interestingly is the name I chose for my home decor business. I “redesign” a home by using what they have, moving things around to make the home more functional and beautiful. God has blessed me with this skill to be able to look at a room and see what needs to be removed or reordered for it to have better flow and purpose.

Isn’t that just what God does with us? When our lives are messy and we just can’t seem to help ourselves, we finally reach our breaking point and invite God in, and he rearranges everything into something beautiful. He can use what we have, even the broken pieces, to bless others.

What do you have–gifts, skills, and experiences–that God can use to bless others? Go to God and say, “Here. It’s not much, but it’s all yours.” and watch what He can do.

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