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God is still working, and it’s all good! It’s amazing how taking steps to obedience opens up the pathway to answered prayer. God is asking me to do some hard things, but I see how in obeying, God is beginning to answer prayers that I had been praying for years! I know that sometimes I get so overwhelmed in my circumstance, that I begin to wonder if God even sees me. Does He even care about this situation that I am going through? Have you ever felt that way?

I think of the story of Hagar. She was an Egyptian slave girl who served Sarah, Abraham’s wife. In those days, a woman’s worth was only as good as her ability to bear sons (we really haven’t come very far in 4000 years), and Sarah was infertile. Even though God had promised that she would have a child, she became impatient and thought that she would help God along, and gave her husband, Hagar, as his wife, in order to have children through her. Hagar became pregnant, and Sarah mistreated Hagar so badly that she ran away. So here is Hagar, pregnant and alone, probably without a clue of what she would do next. And God meets her there, tells her to go back, and promises to bless her. Genesis 16:13 says, “She gave this name to the LORD who spoke to her: ‘You are the God who sees me,'”.

I think that sometimes when we pray that we don’t even wait for an answer. This month, God has shown me how to listen. It’s funny because I would probably put listening on my list of strengths. Only now am I realizing that my lack of patience has not allowed me to slow down enough, or to be quiet enough, to actually listen. “Be still, and know that I am God” (Psalm 46:10) has much more meaning to me now. He sees me. He has always seen me. He was just waiting for me to be still, listen, and obey.

Amazingly, God would visit Hagar again, in a similar situation. He would comfort her and remind her of the promise He made to her. If you are in a situation that seems impossible, a circumstance that has you wondering if God is listening, know that God sees you. You matter to Him. Call to Him, and then be still, listen, and obey.

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